I am a Suicide Loss Survivor. I lost my boyfriend to suicide in June 2019. The moment I found out, I collapsed and went into shock. My family and friends did not know what to do to help me and my grief was very difficult for them to see. No one is prepared for this situation and there is no manual for the person grieving or for the family and friends that are trying to help.

My family and friends immediately turned to the internet for help, but there just wasn't a single site that had everything they needed to know to help me. They felt really helpless. Initially my grief was so intense that I could not eat, sleep or take care of myself and family. All I could do was cry. As weeks and then months went by, my grief started to become more bearable and I knew I needed to use this experience to help others.

The purpose of this website is to include everything my family, friends and I learned from my experience in one place; to include resources by state; and to include resources for individuals considering suicide or individuals that have attempted suicide. This site will continue to evolve as I learn of more resources.

I am by no means an expert on suicide, but I do understand, first hand, what a suicide loss survivor is going through.

This site is dedicated to all those lost by suicide as well as to the family and friends that were affected by such a great loss.

Please feel free to email me additional resources, so that I can add them to this site.

My hope is that this site can help in your time of need.